Churches of the
Wallace Area

St. Andrew’s
Affiliation: United Church of Canada
Location: Fox Harbour
Dates: 1931 to present
History: Original Church moved from Lower Gulf Shore to this land owned by Kenneth MacAulay. Used forty teams of oxen for move around 1870. 1925 joined with the United Church of Canada
  St Andrews Church


United Church of Canada
Affiliation: Methodist United Church
Location: Malagash
Dates: 1865 to present

The people of Malagash were visited several times in the 1790's by the famous Missionary William Grandin. The first Methodist Church was built in 1808. It was destroyed by fire in 1860 and replaced in 1865 by the present Church.

In 1925 the Congregation concurred with Union and became part of a separate Malagash Charge of the United Church of Canada. Changes through the years have brought Malagash in preaching point on a pastorate with St. John's, Wallace and St. Andrew's, Fox Harbour.

  Malagash Church


Wallace Bridge Baptist Church
Affiliation: Baptist Church
Location: Wallace Bridge
Dates: 1903 to 2008
History: January 10, 1903 it was agreed to build a Church on the site purchased from Arthur Scott and Robert Kerr.The design would be on the plan of the River Philip Baptist Church. It was agreed to pay Arthur Scott $2.00 a ton for ten tons of dressed stone. John Nelson agreed to provide sills and Bamford Woodland would be paid $9.00 per M, for framing.

The first organ was purchased in 1915 and the first organist was Mrs. Richard Baker. She was followed forty one years later by her daughter Mrs. Hazel Van Buskirk.. Renovations over the years include a basement with Sunday School rooms and meeting space.
  Wallace Bridge Church


Seventh Day Adventist Church
Affiliation: Seventh Day Adventist
Location: Gulf Shore
Dates: 1945 to present
History: Forty acres of land purchased in 1945 as a site for a permanent summer camp. Land part of an original land grant to the veterans of the American Revolution called Fencible Americans. The beautiful camp ground and buildings overlook the Northumberland Strait.
  Seventh Day Adventist Church


Wallace River Baptist Church
Affiliation: Baptist
Location: Wallace River
Dates: About 1849 to present
History: The Church was originally built at Wallace Bay, on the south-east corner of the Thompson Road at Trunk 6. Moved with oxen, using skids to the present site in 1856. Following organization, the first person to join the Church was James Fountain.

In 1967 the Auditorium was given major renovations and again in 1990.

A Church was maintained in Hartford until 1924 and services were held in the Wallace Station Community Hall until 1960.
  Wallace River Church


St. John's United Church
Affiliation: Methodist United Church
Location: Wallace
Dates: 1903 to present
History: The third Church to be built on this site. The first Methodist Church built in 1808. In 1817 Rev. Thomas Payne wrote from Remsheg, "on arrival found seventy six members, increasing to one hundred and twenty. Extent of circuit fifty miles. Roads very bad, but understand a large amount of money to be spent on them; winter travelling on the ice."

December 1850 a new chapel was constructed. In 1851 nearly six hundred people had professed conversion. In 1903 the old Church was removed and a new St. John's Methodist Church was constructed. Joined the United Church of Canada in 1925.
  St Johns Church


Fundamental Bible Church
Affiliation: Fundamental Bible Church
Location: Middleboro
Dates: 1991 in Wallace Station
Opened new Church June, 1999
History: A group of 212 volunteers from a Church in Towamencin, Pennsylvania, came to work with the local congregation to build this Church in two weeks.
  Fundamentalist Church


St. Andrew’s Anglican Church
Affiliation: Church of England
Location: Wallace
Dates: 1856 to present
History: Land deeded to Bishop Binney in 1858 by Dr. Samuel Mitchell for 25 pounds. Builders were W. Stenson, J. Jamieson, and C. C. Jordison. Mr. Jordison managed one of the largest shipyards in Wallace, on Betts Point. It is said that his daughter, Maggie, was the first person burried in the cemetery. The Church followed the same design as one in Pugwash, built at the same time as the later burned.
  St Andrews Anglican Church


St. Matthew’s Presbyterian
Affiliation: Presbyterian
Location: Wallace
Dates: 1828 to present
History: St. Matthew's was part of the Established Church of Scotland known as the "Kirk". The disruption in Scotland over church government in 1843, resulted in a separation in Presbyterianism locally. The new "Free Church of Scotland" under Rev. John Munroe gained many supporters and began a church construction campaign. The "Free Church" and the "Kirk" rejoined under Church legislation in 1870.

The Annual summer Communion service at St. Matthew's was a high point in the Church Calandar. Presbyterians came from as far away as Earltown for this solemn occasion. Services were offered in Gaelic until about 1890. In 1909 renovations to the Church interior moved the Choir from the back to the front and changed the enclosed family pews to a more modern style.

In 1925 St. Matthew's congregation must have concurred with Church Union and the building became part of the United Church of Canada. The dissenting Presbyterians, called "Remaining Presbyterians", met for a short time in St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Wallace. In 1928 they bought St. Matthew's back from the United Church and continue today. St. Matthew's has been recognized as a Heritage Property by the Province establishing it as the oldest Presbyterian Church in Nova Scotia.
  St Matthews Church