Wallace, Nova Scotia
Highs and Lows
   Year's Weather History   
High Temperature:   31.6°C
Low Temperature:   -27.5°C

High Humidity:   100%
Low Humidity:   0 %
Outside Temperature History Outside Humidity History
High Dewpoint:   23.3°C
Low Dewpoint:   -84.4°C

High Barometer:   1033.6 hPa
Low Barometer:   977.0 hPa
Outside Dewpoint History Barometer History
Total Year Rain:   985.0 mm

High Rain Rate:   1645.8 mm/hr
Total Rain History Rain Rate History
Low Wind Chill:   -43.3°C

High Heat Index:   36.1°C
Wind Chill History Heat Index History
High Solar Radiation:   1274 W/m2

High UV Index:   9.6
Solar Radiation History UV Index History
High Wind Speed:   83.7 km/hr
 Average Wind Speed History
High Wind Speed History
  Wind Direction History Direction of High Wind History
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